Lactation Massagers for Breast Engorgement and Clogged Milk Ducts

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful experience for both moms and babies. No one can deny its importance for babies and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Human milk has been established as the “optimal form of nutrition for infants."

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The Importance of Breastfeeding

Mother's milk provides plenteous and easily absorbed nutritional components, immune properties, enzymes, and live antibodies from mother to strengthen baby's immunity as well as protect him from various infections and diseases like diarrhea, asthma, gastroenteritis, constipation, coughs, and colds, etc.
Breastfeeding is equally beneficial for mom's physical and emotional health, it lowers the risk of breast cancer, urinary tract infections, and anemia type diseases.

Moms however raise various concerns related to breastfeeding such as low milk supply for their young ones, clogged milk ducts, breast engorgement and even mastitis, therefore depriving their children of breast milk.

Breast Massage for breastfeeding problems

Therapeutic breast massage is widely used for treatment of breastfeeding issues. It has been proven to stimulate the nerves responsible for the release of milk in the ducts. Hand massage can be extremely tedious to the hands and it might take a while before positive results are visible and milk flow is enhanced.
This is why our new Heat and Vibration Lactation Massage Pads are an easy solution for moms out there, to enhance the nursing and pumping experience.

How The Lactation Massagers Will Help You.

The Caremummy Heated Lactation Massage Pads offer heat and vibrations to give a combination of benefits to moms:

  • Minimizing Pain

The Caremummy Lactation massager relieves moms from breast pain while feeding as it loosens nerves, opens up any clogged milk ducts and enhances milk supply. Baby will also have a better experience as he will easily suck and drain the breast.

  • Breast Engorgement Relief

Mot women will experience breast engorgement even if they decide not to breastfeed their babies. These lactation massager pads will provide comfort by softening your breast and of breastfeeding, will improve milk flow.

  • Healthier Milk

The use of Lactation massager pads will enable you to produce healthier milk as a good lactation massage reduces the sodium levels in breast milk while increasing the level of solids, gross energy, lipids, and casein which makes for healthy breast milk.

  • Enhanced Milk Flow

Daily Lactation massage improves milk supply as it empties the milk ducts and stimulates more milk production for babies.

  • Treatment of Clogged Milk Ducts

A plugged or clogged milk duct causes pain as well as affects effective breastfeeding a whole lot. Clogged milk ducts can be treated through the use of lactation massagers, and they will also prevent any new clogs.

What to look for in a Good Lactation Massager

While making a purchase for a lactation massager, it's important to know what qualities to look for; so as to make the best selection.
Some essential attributes include:

  • Comfortable to Use

A good massager should be easy to hold and comfortable to use for better results You need to enjoy its texture and smoothness.

  • Appropriate Size

The massagers should not be cumbersome to use

  • Multiple Heat and Vibration Modes

A good lactation massager must have multiple heat and vibration mode to properly access nerves and effectively unclog milk ducts.

  • Safe and Waterproof

Lactation massagers are designed with soft medical grade silicone. They should be BPA free, waterproof and suitable for warm shower use.

  • Rechargeable

They should be rechargeable with durable batteries.

Where To Get a Lactation Massager

The Caremummy Warming Lactation Massager Pads are of the best quality and have all essential attributes to overcome the major breastfeeding issues including breast engorgement, clogged milk ducts, milk flow issues and even mastitis. These massagers will definitely offer a better pumping and nursing experience.

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The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.